National Council to Establish Standards For Absorbent Products


NAFC Launches Council to Establish National Performance Standards For Adult Absorbent Products

The National Association For Continence (NAFC) is heading a newly formed council with the objective of establishing national, independent quality standards for disposable adult absorbent products provided by states to Medicaid waiver recipients cared for in their private homes rather than as residents of state-funded nursing home. This council represents a diversity of patient and caregiver advocacy organizations, industry, clinical nursing expertise and state health agency perspectives.

The goals of this initiative are to: 1) create a single, national set of standards for adult absorbent products for all Americans allowing elimination in redundancy of effort among 50 states, 2) clarify and communicate absorbent product characteristics needed by frail, elderly users who are incontinent so as to simplify and expedite the agency procurement process of sourcing products, 3) optimize value in absorbent product purchases by all states, 4) improve the quality of care of program participants and lower risks of adverse events such as skin breakdown from use of sub-standard products and 5) establish a benchmark for continuous quality improvement over time. No industry funding is being provided in connection with this initiative. NAFC hopes the council can complete this undertaking in the year to come.

Click here to learn more about NAFCs Absorbent Products Council.

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