After Prostate Surgery, Sexual Health Declines


According to a recent poll, sexual health, in men, is worse than expected in about 50 percent of men who have had surgery for prostate cancer. It seems that as incontinence increases, sexual function decreases.

A questionnaire was was filled out by 152 men prior to undergoing radical prostatectomy at the urology department of the University of Michigan. This questionnaire shows that nearly half of the men assume they will have the same functionality after surgery as before. A survey of these men one year after their surgery revealed that only 36 percent of the patients said their pre-surgery expectations match how they felt one year prior to the surgery.

Read more about this from Reuters.

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  2. This is indeed tragic. Surgeons are now recommending pelvic floor exercises to begin 30 days prior to surgery and post op as well, as a way to minimize impotence and incontinence. Sadly men are not able to do these all important exercises. They forget, so much anxiety and fear to distract them. My app Prostate Aerobics available on iPhone/Android has 3 reminders, levels from beginner to expert and offers a complete coached workout.

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