The Many Myths of Bladder Health

Many Myths of Bladder Health

Often times many older adults and caregivers hold myths and misconceptions about bladder control problems. These myths or beliefs surrounding bladder health could actually interfere with appropriate or the best treatment and management for bladder control problems. Over the next couple weeks I will do my best to dispel the following myths:

  1. Bladder control loss is a normal part of aging, especially in older women
  2. Nothing can be done to treat bladder control loss in older adults
  3. The only successful treatment for bladder control loss is surgery
  4. Drinking less fluid will improve bladder control loss
  5. The older person is having accidents on purpose
  6. Absorbent products (often referred to as diapers) are the only option to manage bladder control loss for people who are home bound or in long-term care facilities
  7. Nothing can be done to improve my bladder health

Have you heard any other myths surrounding bladder control loss or bladder health?
Please share them so we can work on increasing awareness.

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