Online Caregivers Finding Valuable Tips

Online Caregivers Finding Valuable Tips

Did you know 39% of US adults are caregivers?
If you were caring for an individual with incontinence, where’s the first place you would look for help? Well, if you are like the large majority of caregivers you would go online to search for health information and advice. A recent study by the Pew Research Center found that “caregivers are more likely than their non-caregiving peers to turn to technology and online resources for help.” The study found that 59% of caregivers with internet access say that online resources, like the National Association For Continence’s (NAFC) new Continence Care Management section, have been helpful to their ability to provide care and support for the person in their care.

NAFC’s new Continence Care Management section of its website includes a three-part slide series entitled What a Family Caregiver Needs to Know; where NAFC examines topics on how to recognize a bladder control problem in a loved one, on how to manage incontinence, and medical reimbursement opportunities.

The role of a family caregiver can be difficult, especially when incontinence is involved. Age is a risk factor for incontinence, the prevalence of those experiencing these problems is likely to grow as a result of the aging baby boomer generation. It is among the top three reasons that families give up on home care and place a loved one in an institutional nursing facility. When bladder or bowel accidents go unmanaged, skin inflammation and even breakdown can occur.

NAFC’s new web section has helpful tools and resources to help caregivers become more knowledgeable about how to properly manage incontinence. In a new pamphlet, The Caregivers Reference Guide: Continence Care Management, NAFC provides information about diet, skin care, absorbent products, and medical coverage.

Are you a caregiver? Where do you search for online information?

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Managing Incontinence
Source:Caregivers Guide to Managing Incontinence

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