Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) Pessaries


By Marilyn-Lu Webb, PhD, NP-BC, CCCN, CRRN

When pelvic organ prolapse or the bulge at the vaginal opening occurs, it is a life altering experience although it is NOT a medical emergency. It is one of those womens problems that is seldom discussed however, 40% have some form. Preventative as well as NON-surgical methods are available. Such as: remember to perform Kegels on a regular basis, add estrogen vaginal cream, prevent constipation, avoid heavy lifting, control coughing, dont smoke, avoid weight gain or lose weight, if necessary.

A nonsurgical treatment is to be fitted with a vaginal pessary (a device made of medical grade silicone) and fitted by a skilled NP, a womans health NP, or a continence NP or a gynecologist. When properly fitted, a pessary will not be expelled involuntarily or make you aware of its presence while it holds pelvic organs in place. The pessary is a replacement for surgery for those who prefer a non surgical approach or for those who may not be a suitable candidate.

This is good news for millions of women across the world.

About The Author: Marilyn-Lu Webb, PhD, MS, NP-BC, CRRN, CCCN is a Continence Nurse Practitioner and Chief Operating Officer of The Center for Continence Care, Inc. in Fresno, CA.

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