Act Now

The purpose of the Bladder Health Awareness campaign is to get people talking about their concerns with their bladder control problems or with a loved one about their bladder control problems. Generally, this is not a popular topic of conversation. Many fear talking about it because of the stigma associated with bladder control loss. It is falsely believed that loss of bladder control is a normal part of aging. With over 25 million Americans living with loss of bladder control, it is time to get them and their loved ones talking about this problem so a solution may be found and their quality of life improves.

Bladder Health Week is a week concentrated on educating the public about the importance of a healthy functioning bladder. This cannot be done with out your support. Show that you care about your health and the health of others by participating in the suggested activities, signing the Bladder Health Pledge, wearing the Bladder Health Bracelets, posting the Bladder Health Poster around your community and sharing the information in this website with your friends and family.